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Your Guide to Special Event Prep

You have a big event coming up and want to book a few treatments to ensure you look & feel your best. The problem is, you are a little unsure about the timeline. We are here to help! Here is a quick guide to plan how far out each treatment should be booked.

Skincare regimen: 6 months before is your safest bet. Especially if it is for something as important as your wedding. Often times we don’t have the luxury of knowing about events 6 months in advance. If you don’t have major skin issues (rosacea, acne, bacne, etc.) 3 months before will work. Keep in mind your skin may “purge” at first, so we need to give it enough time to clear up and find what it needs. Bi-weekly facials and skincare treatments are recommended leading up to an event but doing your part at home is crucial in achieving your desired results. This includes using the recommended, professional quality skincare products morning and night. Using the cheapest drugstore cleanser and sleeping in your makeup just won’t cut it.

Makeup Trial: 3 months before is ideal. Again, if this is for something less important than your wedding you can cut it a little closer. This is important for you to feel confident with your makeup artist and will reduce stress by allowing the day of to go more smoothly and ultimately a little faster. Make the most out of your trial! Book it on a day you are planning to go out or before an event like your bridal shower or engagement photos.

Waxing: Minimum 2 days before to make sure there is no irritation. Waxing should be done prior to spray tanning.

Spray tan: 2 days before. If your event is on Saturday, Thursday is the day to get your glow. This ensures the solution has plenty of time to develop and all the cosmetic bronzer is washed off.

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