Spray Tanning

Treat yourself to a flawless, fast & safe custom spray tan! Several different solution blends are available to ensure the perfect color can be achieved for every client’s skin tone and desired look. We keep your exact blend on file to guarantee you have the same beautiful results every time you come in. Always a natural finish, and never orange, we only use naturally derived formulas that contain no parabens and are cruelty free. Every sunless session includes a dusting of matte drying powder to protect your tan as it develops and keep you from feeling sticky or uncomfortable. From a subtle glow to a ‘fresh off the beach’ bronze, your gorgeous tan is just an appointment away!

Spray Tan

Custom airbrush tan applied by a certified spray tan technician. Complimentary mini contouring available.

Spray Tan

Rapid Rinse Tan

Custom airbrush tan applied by a certified spray tan technician with the ability to rinse in 1-6 hours. Lessens the risk of smudging/transfer to clothing. Complementary mini contouring available.

Rapid Rinse Tan

Contour Tan

Custom airbrush tan that enhances the natural contours and muscle of the body, applied by a certified spray tan technician. This service gives you a more defined, toned and slim look.

Contour Tan

Upgrade Your Tan

Add your choice of Skin Firming, Anti-Aging or Pineapple scent drops to your next sunless session.
Luxury Drying Powder
A shimmery drying powder with an amazing scent designed to protect your tan as it develops and keep you from feeling sticky or uncomfortable.

Spray Tan Membership

Includes up to 4 tans per month

-15% off all retail purchases

-Free upgrades to Rapid Rinse solution

-Free solution additives

-Add a full body contour to your tan for just $15 additional dollars per session

Spray Tan Membership
Per Month

Spray Tan Parties

Perfect for a bridal party, vacation prep or a girl’s night in. 5 attendees and the host tans free! Available in studio or at the location of your choice.


Bridal Packages

Customizable packages to ensure you have a flawless tan for all your wedding festivities.


Before your tan:

Please arrive to your appointment with clean skin. No lotions or deodorants, as they can cause a barrier between the skin and the tan.

You should exfoliate well and shave at least 24 hours before your tan.

Waxing should be done a minimum of 48 hours before your tan.

All nail appointments should be done before your tan.

You should wear loose, dark clothing home from the appointment.


After your tan:

– Do not shower until 12 hours after your tan, unless you are doing a ‘rapid’ and are advised otherwise

– Avoid water on the skin while tan develops

– Avoid touching your skin while tan develops. Prematurely touching your skin can cause flaws in the tan as well as cause your palms/fingertips to absorb too much product

– Avoid heavy exercise/ any perspiration during development

– It is recommended to sleep in a long sleeve shirt & pants the 1st night to prevent touching your skin in your sleep

– For best results just do a warm water rinse without soap for your 1st shower

– The cosmetic bronzer will rinse off during your 1st shower. It takes up to 24 hours for your tan to

completely develop

– It is recommended to wait 24 hours after your appointment before shaving, using soap, applying lotion or exercising.

– Avoid shaving cream. Instead use conditioner. It is moisturizing and helps minimize streaking from your   razor.

– Moisturize at least 2x a day to maximize the life of your tan

– Avoid long hot showers or long periods of time in hot tubs

– If you plan on swimming it is best to use a lotion or waterproof sunscreen prior.

– Pat dry after showering

– Do not exfoliate or wax until your tan starts to fade

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